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We are all told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We are also often told the importance of keeping up to date with global current affairs. Yet, we at the Globalist know that having Breakfast with the Papers as a London student can seem but a distant goal. So we’ve decided to help out. Whilst we cannot quite make your cornflakes in the morning or pour you that cup of coffee, we can give you a round up of the day’s global headlines from across the world. The Breakfast and the Papers Column aims to give you a Global Briefing. A look ahead to the days events will be delivered as you find your way to Uni through the dangers of London’s traffic. A mixture of headline news stories and those unreported stories we just find interesting will be accompanied by links to articles on the subject for more detail. Arriving to you with your morning mail (or potentially with brunch on a Thursday!) it will be your cheat-guide to the days news. So have a scroll, but more importantly, as a platform for student Global news, let us know of stories ignored by the international press you think we should be covering in our bulletins. Email thelondongloablist@gmail.com with your ideas.


Closing arguments to be heard at The Hague in the trial of Radovan Karadzic’s
Former President of the Republic of Srpska will make his final case at the International Criminal Court of the Former Yugoslavia today. The man known as ‘The Butcher of Bosnia’ is expected to receive a verdict of life imprisonment following his participation in humanitarian atrocities relating to the 1192-1995 Bosnian War.

Dennis Kimetto smashes the Marathon World Record in Berlin
The most impressive thing about Kimetto’s world breaking race on Sunday, running the Marathon in an impressive two hours- two minutes and 57 seconds, was the fact he has already set his sights on breaking the Marathon’s two hour boundary. Impossible? With that level of determination, we think not.

Prada owners investiged for possible tax fraud
The owners of renowned fashion house Prada are being investigated over tax misconduct in Italy. Miuccia Prada and her husband and business partner Patrizio Bertelli, who own the Hong Kong listed company will be expected to disclose their financial reports to official tax authorities for further scrutiny.

Russia submits anti-Moscow film to the Oscars
In a somewhat unusual soft-power move by a man thought to be set on world leadership, Vladimir Putin has decided to enter Leviathan, a film widely regarded by international critics as having anti-Russian themes. to Hollywood’s prestigious film awards the OScars.

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Breakfast and the Papers
Civil Disobedience hits the streets of Hong Kong
Political protests fighting against electoral restriction have brought Hong Kong to a halt, as 34 are injured as police use tear gas to control the crowds of pro-democracy movement.

Xbox set to launch in China, but consumers still can’t play Call of Duty
After a 14 year ban, Chinese consumer will have their first (well at least legal) opportunity to buy computer consoles. Micorsoft will offer its Xbox One in stores across the country today, yet violent games such as Call of Duty are still off the cards over concerns of its violent content.

Taiwan supports Hong Kong protest movement
The President of Taiwan Ma Ying Jeou has told Chinese mainland authorities they must ‘listen to the voice of the Hong Kong people’, showing his outright support for the ‘universal suffrage’ protest movements in the nation.

Ai Wei Wei Exhibition
We at the London Globalist love to spend our weekends exploring our cities great cultural and art exhibition and what are going to be seeing this week? At the exhibition of Chinese activist and artists Ai Wei Wie’s art at the Bleinham art foundation in London.

Middle East/Africa

Afghanistan National Unity Government is officially sworn in
Ashraf Ghani has officially been sworn in this morning as President of Afghanistan. In a bid to ensure his National Unity Government one of his first moves as President will be to appoint Abdullah Abdullah as CEO- a position with powers similar to that of a Prime Minister.

IS threat draw closer to Baghdad, as rumors suggest Khorasan leader is killed in air strikes
After President Obama reveals that his US administration underestimated the strength of IS in Iraq and Syria, reports are suggesting the Islamic State militants are only 10km away from Baghdad. In Syria a tweet from al-Qaeda member has also hinted at the death of Khorosan leader al-Fadlhi.

Pro-Army protestors storm Al- Jazeera’s office in Beirut
News Channel Al-Jazeera Offices were stormed over the weekend by Lebanese activists after Lebanese journalist Faisal Kassem published a tweet ridiculing the militarizes stronghold of power in the country .

Mariam Ibrahim to launch campaign against Religious Persecution
Having escaped a death sentence in Sudan, after renouncing her Islamic faith, Maraim Ibrahim has outlined plans to launch an international campaign to combat the problem of religious persecution. Currently seeking asylum in the US, was imprisoned whilst pregnant, after heading warnings from a court who did not recognise her Christian faith and who ruled that she must convert to Islam .


Modi- UN Delegate, Rock star showman and now business entrepreneur?
India’s leader Narendra Modi is set to meet with 11 CEO’s from America’s top businesses like Goldman Sachs and Google, before sitting down for talks with Barack Obama, having already addressed the United Nation’s and crowds at Madison Square Gardens on his official state visit to the US. Already regarded as a style icon among world leaders, Modi is leading the way in international diplomatic, taking advantage of India’s potential as a global leader.

CIA has its own secretive Starbucks
At the CIA Starbucks in Langley VA compound, you won’t find any names being scrawled upon polystyrene cups. At Store number 1, barristers are background checked as the serve your Pumpkin Spiced latte as customers discuss National Security rather than the weather.

Detroits bankruptcy case
The Court case following strategies rebuild Detroit back from the ashes of bankruptcy will reconvene later today. The court will deliberate on the feasibility of the reconstruction plans, after what many have named the post-apocalyptic economic city after it was hit hard by the financial crash of 2008.

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