French Election: Big Little Lies (and misinterpretations)

Syria, Russia and the West: the manufacturing of refugees

French election 2017: Macron or the living proof of democracy

Who’s who, What’s what? A Frenchman’s guide to the French election

The moral inconsistency of our refugee policies

Beyond the Burkini: Islam, the French State and Secularism

Tolerating the intolerant – Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Conversation at JW3

'Is Denmark’s Refugee Assets Law Truly an Attempt at Frugality?'

2015 Magazine: The Power of the Protest

One is not like the other: The Aftermath of Charlie Hebdo.


Have Romania's Elections Revived its Nationalism?

The Ukrainian Crisis - When Will It End?

Germany's role in the future of European Foreign Policy

UKIP: Erratic Earthquake or a Temporary Tremor?

Vučić @ LSE: Serbia's PM on EU membership, censorship, and Russia

Feminism: "It's not our job to educate you".

Will democracies continue to bid for global sporting tournaments?

A Global Debate

The Case For Engagement: A Response to "Should We Be Bombing ISIS?"

Should we be bombing ISIS?

UKIP. A neglected threat?

Virtual Militaries: The rise of Cyber-Conflict as a key security priority

The overlooked extremists?

Conservative’s Electoral Anti-Terror Pledges: Dangerous Party Politics?

Why does the UK needs to submit to the anti-IS ‘war’ effort?

The forgotten Casualties: the overlooked cost of war

‘We will not recognise’: using a Crimean perspective

For Europe or Democracy? The Ukrainian Protests

The London Globalist presents the 'Journalism in Action Conference 2014'

Playground tactics: Why the UK should stand up to China

A New Year, But I Think We Should See Other People - Scotland’s attempt to break up with United Kingdom

A Tiny Earthquake: Why Nigel Farage's Thursday speech gives hope to Britain's pro-EU campaigners

Scroungers? I Beg To Differ....

Untrustworthy Alliances: Why the NSA's Snooping Does not Change a Thing

...but why it is a concern of a very different nature


Why DC’s speech is less of a problem than you might think

The New Hard Line

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